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On your first visit I will complete an industry standard consultation form to establish your needs and expectations and also if there are any total or medical contraindications which on rare occasions means it is not safe to massage as well as check skin type and whether you have any nut allergies. I want this experience to be profoundly beneficial, relaxing and enjoyable so I always listen to what my clients want and need in order to tailor the treatment and products to suit them.

I like to work with my client to ensure I can target and focus on any ‘knots’ tightness or contracted muscles also known as trigger points to provide a truly beneficial service for you, I can locate problem areas and work with you to alleviate them.


Whether you need to work on tight problem areas, or just indulge in some luxury ‘me time’ I will taylor the massage to suit you. I usually like to end on a luxury face and scalp massage using anti ageing oils which will have you drifting away and banishing all that stress! (And the odd wrinkle too!)

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