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About Me

I trained for a year in Swedish Massage: Anatomy and Physiology with ITEC back in 2005 to gain the basic qualification but have since trained in Traditional Thai massage in Bangkok,Thailand  Here I discovered that in the Far East massage is seen as integral to life, a more preventative treatment that people partake in regularly to maintain both muscle health and psychological well being. I have recently qualified in Thai Yoga Fusion massage which is slightly more adapted for the West and is an incredible thorough treatment! I believe in continued professional development and have completed three courses at the world renowned JING school of massage in Brighton - Trigger point therapy, hot stones and Table Thai. I also LOVE giving facials and am fully trained in the DELUXE 1 hour facial!


While I appreciate massage in the UK is often seen as a treat or a luxury (and it certainly feels like one!) I wholeheartedly believe that it should be part of a healthy lifestyle in the same way exercise is, to improve and maintain muscles and posture and to rid the body of stress, improving your entire mindset and even preventing many a disease, more important than ever now in a Society where we must take control and responsibility for our health and recognise the impact modern stress has on our minds and bodies - but this is where I come in! I am here to help and you are in very safe hands!

 massage benefits

Regular massage ensures the muscle fibres are relaxed, stretched and worked out. When blood cannot flow freely around the muscle fibres, waste products and proteins cannot be properly returned to the blood and lymphatic systems and therefore, remain in the muscle tissue. This is what can contribute to that knotty crunchy feeling in the muscles. Poor muscle tone will eventually lead to poor posture as the bones grow and fit around the contracted muscles resulting in permanently contracted muscles and uneven posture.


Massage immensely benefits us both physically and mentally. It optimises blood circulation, lymph flow and muscle tone, it increases and encourages tissue metabolism, digestion and waste elimination by ridding the body of toxins. Massage can also improve skin conditions such as dryness and cellulite. Massage allows the blood to circulate freely round muscle fibres feeding the muscle with oxygen and nutrients and removing toxins and waste. 'Knotted' muscles (adhesions) means the muscles fibres have become stuck or fused together, there are thousands of muscle fibres all overlapping each other in many layers and through poor posture, over exercising or straining these fibres can easily become fused together and not function making your whole body ache. Massage, over a few sessions will alleviate this.  

Many medical conditions are vastly improved with regular massage, just one very good example is RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) which I too suffer from, it has been shown that 45 minutes of deep leg massage twice a week will help relieve this frustrating syndrome in turn improving sleep or insomnia.


Stress is literally a modern day killer and has been said to contribute to 75% of medical problems. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the happy hormones allowing the body to fully relax restoring it to a state of homeostasis where all our systems are in perfect balance. This in turn strengthens our immune systems


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