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Have a Healthy Healing Happy
New Year with a deeply sensory massage experience in my Zen massage Den
Take a look!


I offer £10 off treatments to nhs staff!

 treat yourself and improve your physical and mental well being 

Its Winter.....we're cold and stressed and many of us cannot afford holidays - but if you can't go on holiday and feel you could afford a treat then try a hot stones massage instead with candle light, a warmed massage bed and gentle exotic music to lull you into that relaxed holiday vibe!


  • HOT STONES THERAPY! Please see Treatment page for info

  • DELUXE FACIAL with lush products, steam, masques the works!

  • ULTIMATE BLISS 65 mins 30 min Massage 35 min Facial! £60


CONTACT: It's been brought to my attention the contact form on my site sends emails to my junk or they bounce back so just call or text me on 07713 743205!

Soothe aches & pains, restore mobility
improve muscle health

I adopt a unique approach to my massage therapy and my clients. I am trained in the official "Swedish massage" but like to combine this with Thai style massage which I learnt in Bangkok to provide an incredible full body experience merging together techniques such as Table Shiatsu, accupressure points, sports and Thai stretches, trigger point therapy, deep tissue oil massage and deeply soothing facial massage. I adapt the treatment to whatever my client needs.  I thrive on connecting with each client and provide both an emphatic sense of kindness and healing with an informed medical approach. 


Mon - Fri: - 5pm ​​Saturday: 10.30am - 12pm


I have a brand new dedicated cosy and relaxing

Therapy Room minutes from Hastings Historical Old Town

Edmund Road, Clive Vale, Hastings

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